Gandía offers much more than just “sand and sun”. Discover the historical part of the city. Here you can find out places of interest to visit.

Antigua Universidad:
The old university of the Jesuits (1549-1767) is also called “Los Escolapios”. Since 1806 it´s a school and cloister of the holy order Escolapios. It had been renovated in 1999. Now it is a center of education and culture. In front of the building are statues of the Borja family.

Palacio Ducal:
The Palacio Ducal is the former palace of the Duke IV, San Francisco de Borja. The palace offers different architectures (Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque) The building with its Golden Gallery and Crown Room can be visited by tourists.

The tower of the pine-tree is one of the last remains of the second city wall of Gandia. (17th century)

Plaza Jaime I
This open square was built by one of the sons of San Francisco de Borja. One of its buildings has a beautiful mosaic facade (former cinema Royalty, post office, library, etc.)

La Colegiata:
The Collegiate Church was built on an Arab Mosque by Alfonso the Elder in the 14th century. In 1499 it was honoured as a Collegiate Temple by Pope Alexander VI. (Gothic structure)

The townhall with its neoclassic facade and four stone busts (the principal virtues), was built in 1778. In 1982 a reconstruction and extention of the former building took place.

Las Esclavas:
This neoclassic church was built in 1908. Its full name is: Las Esclavas del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús.

Today it is a spiritual center, noviate and school of the holy order Las Esclavas.

Iglesia Santa Maria Magdalena
This church is situated in the center of Beniopa, a district of Gandía.

According to old documents, the construction of the church started in 1795 and finished in 1802.