Gandia offers a lot of different activities for your leisure time. Enjoy your stay in the city by visiting the cinemas, bars, restaurants, shopping, doing different sports, etc.

Shopping: There are many shopping centers and boulevards in Gandia.

  • Calle Mayor is the traditional shopping area of the city. It is part of the historical center of Gandia. This street is close to the townhall.
  • Plaza Mayor is a shopping center between the city and the beach. The big white round roof on the top makes the building look very interesting.
    Activities: Shopping, restaurants.
  • La Vital is one of the newest shopping centers of the city. It is named from the orange juice industry that was situated there previously. The last remains of the factory is the big chimney at the entrance of the new building.
    Activities:Shopping, restaurants, cinemas, bowling, etc.
  • Centro Comercial Oasis Palace is a building at the beach with restaurants, cinemas, gymnasium, spa, hotel and a casino. At the casino visitors can play on slot machines, roulette, poker, blackjack and other card games.

Pubs and Bars: The beach is full of pubs, bars and discos. They are open at weekends, during festivals and in summer.

Sports: GandĂ­a town offers a lot of different sport activities. There are sport fields and other zones for cycling, skating, running, basketball, soccer, etc. On the beach and harbour windsurfing, kitesurfing, rowing and sailing activities are offered.