During the year there are different festivals in Gandia. You will find more information about the most important ones in the following list.

San Antonio del Porquet, is the first festival of the year (January, 17) in honour of the patron of the animals. Pets and animals are blessed by priests at some churches.

Fallas: The most important festival of the Valencian country takes place in March (16 – 19) and is called Fallas. In Gandia this tradition is more than 115 years old. Big statues and structures made of wood, paper, etc. are constructed. On March 19 (San JosĂ©) they are burnt. Las Fallas attract a lot of tourists from Spain and many other countrys.

Between March and April Semana Santa, the Holy Week, takes place. During this week there are many processions of the different brotherhoods in the city. Some walk barefooted, pulling iron chains or lifting big and heavy wooden crosses during the processions. At the end of this week, Easter begins and thousands of families and young people go on excursions to the montains and eat a traditional Easter cake.

June the 23 is the magic night of San Juan. Festivities takes place and everybody can bring firewood to the beach and burn his own fire with the family and friends. The night of San Juan is the shortest night of the year. Old rituals as jumping over the fire and waves of the sea can be made in order of getting good luck.

In the middle of July there is another summer festival in the harbour zone (Grau) of Gandia. It is in honour of “mare de DĂ©u Blanqueta” the patron of the Grao. In the dark at night there are artificial fireworks and a maritime procession. It is the festival of the fishermen.

Feria y fiestas is the name of the big festival of Gandia city. (end of September – beginning of October). The festival takes place in honour of San Francisco de Borja, one of the most famous persons of the city. The festival starts when a man called “Tio de la porra” (the guy with the bat) goes to the schools and takes the children out to start the festivities. There are many activities to suit all ages. (Theater, processions, music, fireworks, religious activities, sports, etc.)